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The Lucky Clover Story

Our family has always had an interesting connection with the clover. It's part of our Irish background, but more than that my father has always had a knack for finding the little things. I always chalked it up to luck and didn't find many of them when I was young. When I went to Ireland in 1997 that changed for me. 

The trip was important to me in connecting to our family heritage, and I was determined to find a clover in Ireland. It became a bit of an obsession. I found myself looking at every patch of clover I saw, but I hadn't had any luck in the first weeks I was there. Finally, when climbing over the ruin of a wall, I tripped and fell to the ground over a patch of clover. I took a moment to consider the patch and there, before my eyes, was a four-leaf clover! I found two on that trip, one of which has stayed with me ever since, and one I gave to my father. 

I have reflected on that trip many times, considering why I hadn't found a significant amount of clovers in the time before that trip (I have found hundreds of them since). My firm belief is that I was not finding clovers because I wasn't truly looking for them. I would have a passing look if my father stopped, but I didn't have a true dedication to finding one, or a true belief that I could. In the words of Seneca, "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." When I pass a patch now, I know the odds are against me (some people say that there is one four-leaf clover for 10,000 three leaf, not sure about that one) but I believe I will find one, and more often than not it happens.


When I met my wife and we blended our families, clovers became a symbol of connection and togetherness for us. We have four kids, and they have all learned to persevere and show the patience necessary to find their own clovers. Our family stops at patches of clover all summer long to search and pull out a few four, and even five-leaf clovers. The summer of our wedding we found over 100 clovers to create special wedding favours for our guests. Even our wedding song was clover-themed, performed by the artist Christian Hudson. It is in preparation for our wedding that we started crafting hand-made items for others, developing many of the items you can now purchase on our site. Some items, like the wands we sell, come from interests our family has, but all are hand crafted with care.  

Overall, we've found our 'luck' in finding clovers a great metaphor for life. Great things happen to us when we expect things to be great. As we build a wonderful life, it continues to get even luckier. Even when hard times come, as they do for everyone, it's certainly easier to weather them when we continue to look for our 'four-leaf clovers'.

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